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Call for Papers



At the 2021 Online Magic and Meaning Conference, we will complete our four-year cycle exploring the four tools of the Archetypal Magician. We have learned about Cups (2018), Swords (2019), and Wands (2020), and this year we turn our attention to Coins.

For many magicians, their initiation begins with a coin mysteriously appearing from their ear. From that moment on, Coins may take on a deeper symbolic meaning. Coins represent wealth, both in the material realm and in the world of spiritual wisdom. They are symbolic of the abundance the earth provides and the power to obtain our desires. In some traditions, they are referred to as “Shields.” Shields are symbols of protection and strength, keeping us from harm. Both Coins and Shields represent the element of Earth. When I think of Coins and Shields, elements that come to mind include mirrors, lights, surfaces, abundance, protection, and power.

So, here is an opportunity for you to share your coin magic that reflects your light, shares your abundance, connects you to the earth, heals body and spirit, and projects your wisdom.

We are looking for the VERY best magic effects with COINS, either literally or metaphorically.

The most promising ideas and effects will be selected and put into a special Conference PDF, 

The Book of Coins


One of you will be crowned as the



Please send your submission to us: 500 words or less.



1. Each entry is 500 words maximum. You can send in as many effects as you like as long as your total is 500 words. 

2. At this year’s Online Magic and Meaning Conference, we will feature The Festival of Coins, exploring magic with coins, mirrors, earth, and metals! You will learn many ways to use these objects in our performances and beyond!

3. You must attend the Conference online to be “crowned” King or Queen, but even if you are not attending, please submit your effect for inclusion in The Book of Coins. If it is accepted you, too, will receive a copy of this special Conference PDF.

4. Please send your entries as a Word document to Katherine Rettke, our Executive Assistant:

5. Again, the deadline is September 1, 2021!


See you at the 2021 Online Magic and Meaning Conference—our School’s Community Gathering!

Jeff McBride