Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School

Magic Master Class

Patterned on a pedagogy used at leading conservatories and art schools, our Master Classes provide students with intensive, live educational experiences with master teachers of magic. While there are many ways to learn magic—through books and DVDs, in person, or online—nothing substitutes for a Master Class experience.

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During a Master Class you will:

  • Spend quality time with Jeff McBride, Dr. Larry Hass, and the other talented facilitators of the School.

  • Receive detailed feedback from the Faculty on your performance pieces—feedback designed to help you take them to another level of excellence. You will receive a video record of your session. (Performance at a Master Class is optional.)

  • Have classes with the Faculty on topics of central importance to your success as a magic performer and business person. The information in these classes is reserved for Master Classes and is not taught anywhere else.

  • Learn in small groups on topics that are tailored to meet your needs, topics such as certain magic techniques (levitation, steals, loads, Linking Rings, etc.), scriptwriting, stagecraft, business, and more.

  • Attend at least one major Las Vegas magic show with the class, and spend quality time with Las Vegas magic celebrities (7-Day Master Class only).

  • Receive a binder that contains learning materials and documents that will serve your growth as an artist and the growth of your magic business. These materials are only distributed to people attending Master Classes. Develop a close community of friends in magic and a top-flight professional support team, consisting of the School’s Faculty and Staff.

  • Be inspired to make your dreams in magic a detailed reality. Our Master Class students have overwhelming success in meeting their career goals, whether those are working as full-time pros, winning magic competitions, or developing expertise in their favorite hobby.

There is no substitute for a McBride Master Class. Attend one in Las Vegas and your magic will be forever transformed!