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The Chicago Tapes

  • Eugene Goes Bizarre
  • Real Secrets of Close-Up Magic
  • Gourmet Close-Up Magic
  • Chicago Visions

Chicago Visions, Eugene Burger's new book of magic explorations, is available ONLY in PDF format with this collection. It's 64 pages packed with never-before-revealed techniques and routines, plus fascinating discussions of Eugene's magical teachings.

The Chicago Tapes set includes the newly remastered essentials Eugene Goes Bizarre, Real Secrets of Close-up Magic, and Gourmet Close-up Magic, featuring Eugene's classic effects plus lessons on close-up excellence, card technique, thread work, Bizarre Magic, and guest appearances by Tony Andruzzi, Jay Inglee, and David Parr, as well as bonus photo galleries.

Eugene's extensive handlings of The Haunted Deck, teachings on deeper magic, startling performances, thoughts on Bizarre Magic, guest appearances by Tony Andruzzi and Jay Inglee, and the short film "An Afternoon with a Magician."

An analysis of Ten Steps to Learning to Perform Magic, the secrets of Eugene's Coin Clip, plus explanations of the Acrobatic Matchbox, Cutting the Aces, Cigarette Vanishes, The World's Fastest Card Trick, The Three Coin Mystery, The Old Carnival Game, and Al Baker's Impossible Card Force.

Eugene examines his strategies for top-level close-up techniques in several professional situations ranging from bar magic to walk-around to elegant seated performances, plus explanations of his Mullica Wallet routine, the Signed Card Under the Tablecloth, and Shotglass Surprise.


  1. Eugene Goes Bizarre

    16 Videos
  2. Real Secrets of Close-Up Magic

    17 Videos
  3. Gourmet Close Up

    23 Videos
  4. Chicago Visions

    1 Download
Media Type Online Course

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Customer Reviews

  • An Absolute Must!

    5 Stars

    The lessons learned here make it easier to secure restaurant gigs. I have been a magician for years but it wasn't until after viewing this that I finally started doing restaurant magic. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST for the serious restaurant magician. - Jason Powers

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