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Eugene Goes Bizarre

Join Eugene Burger and his friends Tony Andruzzi and Jay Inglee as they explore the strange world of Bizarre Magic.

This 90-minute video series features performances, interviews and teaching segments... plus An Afternoon with a Magician, a 14-minute video produced by Michael Caplan in 1988 in which Eugene takes you to his favorite Chicago cemetery to discuss his philosophy of magic.

Among the performances, you'll see Eugene's Retribution, a chilling presentation of an ancient rite.  You'll experience Jay Inglee's mysterious Book of Ghosts and take a visit to the unusual home of Tony Andruzzi.

In addition, Eugene conducts and in-depth teaching session on the classic Haunted Pack, explaining all of the subtle details and important secrets.

So lock the doors, turn out the lights and prepare yourself for Eugene Goes Bizarre.

Approximate running time: 83 minutes Online Streaming Video Only.
NOT available for download or DVD


  1. Opening Credits

  2. Introduction

  3. An Afternoon with a Magician

  4. Deception

  5. Hindu Thread

  6. Eternal Silence

  7. Haunted Pack

  8. Tony Andruzzi

  9. Book of Ghosts

  10. Retribution

  11. Haunted Pack Explanation

  12. Haunted Pack Background

  13. Haunted Pack Basics

  14. Haunted Pack Hookups

  15. Haunted Pack Finesse

  16. Closing

Media Type Digital Lesson

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