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Destiny Has a Name

  • This is the one trick Eugene would do for Oprah!

From Eugene Burger:

This is an adaptation of my friend Max Maven’s commercially available effect, Viva Las Vegas (released by Magicland, Tokyo, 2006). In this effect, Max took the European 10/11 Force to new heights. By using dice, the number “1” is automatically excluded. Here, the number 10 is also not a problem. Max’s othe important contribution was rearranging the cards in a circle.

When I first saw Max’s effect I was drawn to it. For several years I had been experimenting with effects where the audience member’s name is written on the back of the selected card. I saw Viva Las Vegas in that light.

I was very pleased when Max told me that he liked what I had done with his effect and also that he has given me permission to release my version here.


  1. Destiny Has a Name (96 KB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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