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Gourmet Close Up

  • Three Card Monte
  • Allerton's Aspirin Box
  • Thought Sender
  • Shotglass Surprise
  • Voodoo
  • Mullica Wallet
  • Signed Card Under the Tablecloth

See Eugene in action, just as if you were to visit the famous Biggs restaurant in Chicago.  Watch him perform three shows:  working behind the bar, seated at the dinner table and doing walk-around in the lounge.  You'll see the magic that has brought him international acclaim, including his Three Card Monte, Allerton's Aspirin Box,  Thought Sender, Shotglass Surprise, Voodoo… and much more!

Then spend some time with Eugene as he teaches you three of his great professional presentations with in-depth explanations.  Learn his mind-blowing version of the Mullica Wallet along with David Parr's devious handling; Matt Schulien's knockout Signed Card Under the Tablecloth; and Shotglass Surprise, an unbelievable production of a glass of liquid from a folded paper bag!  Eugene teaches you all the important tips and psychology for actual performance.

Finally, David Parr interviews Eugene about his experiences performing in restaurants.  They discuss how to solve the awkward moment of approaching customers cold, how to handle repeat customers, dealing with tips and closing the show.

Running time:  83 minutes Online Streaming Video Only.
NOT available for download or DVD


  1. Opening

  2. Interview, Part 1

  3. Mullica Wallet Performance

  4. Interview, Part 2

  5. Bar Show Introduction

  6. Cigarette Vanish Performance

  7. Acrobatic Matchbox Performance

  8. Another Cigarette Vanish (performance)

  9. Three Card Monte Performance

  10. Thought Sender Performance

  11. Voodoo Ashes Performance

  12. Interview, Part 3

  13. Haunted Pack Performance

  14. After Dinner Show

  15. Card Under the Tablecloth Performance

  16. Aspirin Tin Performance

  17. Shotglass Surprise Performance

  18. Interview, Part 4

  19. Card Under the Tablecloth Explanation

  20. Mullica Wallet Explanation

  21. Interview, Part 5

  22. Shotglass Surprise Explanation

  23. A Conversation

Media Type Digital Lesson

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