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Eugene's Three Coin Mystery (with Coin Clip)

  • Coin Clip mailed to you
  • Effect explanation available immediately as a streaming video

Now including Eugene's performance and Explanation of The Three Coin Mystery

This is the Coin Clip Eugene used in the original Real Secrets of Close-Up Magic. Now that the tape has been transferred to DVD and republished in The Chicago Tapes, more and more people are looking for them. Unfortunately, the banker's clips are hard to find these days. Eugene's student Robert Charles has made a new batch. But don't wait, because this may be the last of them...


  1. Three Coin Mystery Performance

  2. Three Coin Mystery Explanation

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

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    Absolutely genius

    5 Stars

    The effect is great, and very well thought out. Short videos of explanation and method, which leaves a lot of room for customizing the routine to your style.

    The gimmick is absolutely genius, and made to last years if you take care of it. Be sure to get one or two of them while they last.

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