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Hand-Crafted Close-Up Table-top

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  • Hand-crafted in Las Vegas by local artist, Bardini.
  • Golden Oak, stained and finished to perfection.
  • Perfect for the home or on the streets!
  • Price includes shipping by UPS Ground
Here we have our wonderful Hand crafted Close-up table-top.
Made completely from beautifuly stained and finished golden oak.
Perfect for the home or on a stand for busking.
The overall dimensions of this table are 24 1/2" x 19 1/2"
It features a performing area of 21 1/2" x 18".
The pad is 1/4 Volara foam topped with heavy duty felt..
Unlike most other close-up pads, ours is designed to be removed if replacement is ever necessary.
Each one is hand made and takes approximately 7-10 days to complete and ship
Included is the table-top only not stand.
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Customer Reviews

  • Love this Table Top!!

    5 Stars

    I love this table-top! It's very practical, high quality and looks awesome. I like that the surface is so large - card spreads, coins and cup / bowl routines have plenty of space. I like that the felt surface can be removed, serviced and or replaced. It has an excellent lip around the three sides, leaving the back edge free for "special things." I put mine on a crisscross waiter's tray stand just like the photo. It's so easy to set up and take down - not only outside or collapsed across the backseat of my car, but also in my home. I can move my rehearsal space anywhere or transport a little show to my performance space for guests. I also find I keep more small props available on or near the table, and I practice more because I see it. My magic studio is filled with a computer desk, cabinets and book cases. This enables me to have performance space ready to play, practice and perform! I'm doing more magic because of it! WINNER!!!

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  • Gorgeous... Love it!

    5 Stars

    Mine arrived today and it is gorgeous. I love it. I needed a table top for a custom table I have been working on and came across a review posted by Donald La Porte, and I could not agree more.

    I too have been researching, searching, found a few I was willing to pay 2 to 3 times more for, but always, always out of stock. A million thanks to the Magic & Mystery Shop and to Donald La Porte to whom without his review I may never have found this site and this elegant hand-crafted close-up table-top.

    I absolutely love it!

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    Every Detail Is Perfect!!

    5 Stars

    I purchased this close-up table top after a lot of research. I was looking for a performing surface that just wasn't another close-up pad; I wanted a mini-stage: something portable, something elegant, something to hold up to practice and performance, and I found there were lots of options out there- from the standard close-up pad to 200 dollar close-up pads. There were products similar to what I was looking for, but for three times the price. so my research continued until I remembered seeing this handmade close-up table top on the Magic and Mystery School website, so I immediately visited the site... and there it was! Hand made in Las Vegas by a local craftsman, for a fraction of the price as the others I was looking at. The ad said that it was designed to allow for replacement of the the pad if it ever wore out, and that was something I definitely liked. I ordered mine, and about 10 days later I received it, packed and shipped expertly. I unwrapped it and instantly fell in love! Every detail was perfect, solid well crafted, I could smell the fresh stain on the oak trim, and the way you change out the surface is absolutely priceless. So, if you're looking for a close-up table top to perform your magic that says something about you, then I suggest you order yours today. You will not be disappointed.

    Donald La Porte

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Only 1 left!