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The Performance of Close-Up Magic (1987)

Challenging essays on close-up magic performance plus 10 routines including the Allerton Aspirin Box, Three Card Monte, the Animated matchbox, and the Haunted Pack that cuts itself, a feature effect in Eugene’s repertoire.

Table of Contents:
About the Writings
Foreword by Channing Pollock
1. Groundwork
2. What is Close-Up Magic?
3. The Main Road
4. The Bert Allerton Aspirin Tin Routine
5. Hands
6. Making Cigarettes Disappear
a. The Pivot Vanish: Imaginary Powder
b. Up the Nose
c. Using a Cigarette Pull
7. A Question of Character
8. Uncle Geek
9. Three Card Monte as a Magical Entertainment
10. Magic Lectures
11. Rosini’s Double Reverse
12. Conversation at the Airport
13. The Animated Matchbox
14. Performing for Magicians
15. Stealing
16. Spirit Candle in the Bottle
17. Books
18. Sylvia’s Cards: An Excursion into Bizarre Magick
19. Negative Thought
20. The Haunted Pack
21. Questions and Answers onn the Haunted Pack
22. Daydreaming and Imagination
23. An Imaginary Conversation with Eugene Burger
24. A Final Examination

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