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Spirit Theater (1986)

The history of seances, essays on seance performance, 6 close-up effects with spirit themes, Eugene's own seance Hauntings, interviews with Tony Andruzzi and Max Maven, a reprint of the complete Sylvestre catalog of spirit paraphernalia from 1901, plus an annotated bibliography.

Table of Contents

Part One: Setting the Stage
1. First Words
2. Point of Departure
3. Spirits
4. Spirit Theater
5. Seances for Fun and Profit

Part Two: Ghostly Visitors in the Nineteenth Century
6. Mesmer, Imagination and Suggestion
7. The Summer-Land
8. "One of the Great Points of Psychic Evolution"
9. Manifestations from Beyond the Grave
10. A Shooting Star
11. Master Mediums

Part Three: Performance
12. Character and Claims
13. The Man of Mystery: A Conversation with Tony Andruzzi
14. Building a Better Performance
15. A Central Principle
16. Seance Presenation: A Conversation with Max Maven
17. The Dark Room
18. Hauntings: A Conversation with Eugene Burger
19. Spirit Theater for the Close-Up Entertainer
a. The Haunted Key
b. Spirit Messages
c. The Halloween Spirit
d. Seance Revisited
e. Catching a Spook
f. The Thread of Life and Death

Part Four: Wanderings in the Spirit Field: An Annotated Bibliography
20. History
21. Investigation
22. Manifestations
23. Performance
24. Last Words

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