Bob Fitch

Bob Fitch

Bob Fitch Workshop

BOB FITCH has appeared in 27 Broadway Shows* plus dozens of off-Broadway, Regional, Stock, Industrial shows and TV Commercials, utilizing magic, fire-eating, juggling, dance and physical comedy. He's known as a triple threat, i.e. singer, dancer, actor.

He was coach & writer for NBC's Phenomenon as well as Discovery Channel's The Mysterious World of Alain Nu.

He coached 4 Fism Winners; 2 teens who both won 1st in the SAM Nat'l Stage Competition for 2 years running & the Lance Burton TV Special as well as coaching over 300 magicians privately and in his Performance Workshops.  Some of these more well known magi are Jeff McBride, David Copperfield, Gene Anderson, Bill Malone, Bob Sheets, Paul Gertner, Eric DeCamps, The Flicking Fingers,  Margaret Steele, Arthur Trace, Andrew Goldenhirsch, Peiking Opera; and invented the Coffee Cup Trick for the 2nd Blaine Special.

He is well known for his coin, topit and Holdout Work...producing a 3 DVD set The Topit Workshop and a 7 DVD set on the Fitch/Kohler Holdout.

In 2009 he received the Lifetime Achievement Tribute Award from the Magic Castle; the Magician of the Year Award from SAM Parent Assembly #1; and the MIMC with Gold Star from the Magic Circle.