Larry Hass, Ph.D.

Larry Hass, Ph.D.


Lawrence Hass, Ph.D., is the Associate Dean of the McBride Magic & Mystery School and Professor of Humanities at Austin College.

Larry Hass creates magic shows that mix astonishing, artistic magic with ideas that lift the spirit. He performs at theaters, nightclubs, universities, art museums, private parties, medical schools, public conferences, and corporate events all across America and internationally. He performs regularly in Las Vegas and at the world-famous Magic Castle.

Dr. Hass has also won multiple awards both as a writer and an inspirational teacher of magic. He is the author or co-author of several internationally best-selling books for magicians, including Inspirations: Performing Magic with Excellence (2015) and Transformations: Creating Magic Out of Tricks (2007).

Larry Hass’s visionary approach to magic has been featured in leading international media, including the New York Times, USAToday, The Chronicle of Higher Education, by the Associated Press, National Public Radio, on the Discovery Channel, and in his recent TEDx Talk.