Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School


Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School



FRIDAY-SUNDAY, November 8-10, 2024


Featuring the Faculty of McBride's Magic & Mystery School:

Jeff McBride

Larry Hass, Ph.D.

Abigail McBride

Ricardo Rosenkranz, M.D.

Paul Draper

Bryce Kuhlman

Tobias Beckwith


Call for P-E-P Talk Presentations:
The 2024 ONLINE Magic and Meaning Conference will feature approximately fiftteen 10-minute presentations from Conference attendees. We are now accepting proposals for presentations from anyone who previously has attended a Magic and Meaning Conference—either in-person or online.

Presentations are welcome on any topic relating to the performance of magic in meaningful ways (broadly understood).

Each presentation will be no more than 10 minutes in length; visual supplements such as a Powerpoint are acceptable but not required, and must be submitted no later than October 15, 2024, to Scott Steelfyre, who will run it from his computer.

To submit a proposal to possibly present at the Conference, please send a detailed 100-word description of your topic, with a title, to Katherine Rettke, the Conference’s Executive Assistant, at All proposals are due to Katherine by September 15, 2024.

Final Notes, Please Read Carefully:

You will be informed by October 1, 2024, if your presentation has been accepted. (Again, the number of available slots for presentation is limited.)

Registering for the Conference is required to present there. For more information about the Magic and Meaning Conference or to register for it, please visit:

With appropriate permission, some of the presentations will be made available as videos to people who become Members of the Magic & Mystery School at the Supporting level ($50 per year), the Premier level ($100 per year), and the Gold Circle level ($500 per year). After subtracting $30 to cover base operational costs, the rest of those membership fees go directly into the Magic & Mystery School Scholarship Fund, which provides need-based financial aid to students who currently cannot pay the full price for their magic education. On behalf of the students who will benefit from your generosity—by donating your presentation or by becoming a member yourself—we thank you!