Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School

Meet Our Faculty!

A school of any kind is as good as its teachers.

At the Magic & Mystery School, our teachers are world-class experts in their specialties. Just as important, they are trained and highly experienced educators, people who know how to help students to achieve their best potentials.

Please take note: many magicians today are using education language as a tactic to attract more of your education dollars. But they do not have the necessary skills and experiences to provide you with any more than you could get from a simple video or a standard magicians lecture. For education, as with medicine, music, writing, and other specialized skills, it is essential to go to experts rather than novices or pretenders.

For over 30 years, the Magic & Mystery School has educated magicians from all around the world. Our faculty of master teachers is the best in the business. Here they are:


Guest Teachers


Instructors: Will Bradshaw, Tim “Santiago” Converse, CJ May, Lynn Miner, David Reed-Brown, Daryl Rogers, Jordan Rooks, Scott Steefyre, Stonewick and John Tudor.

Ambassadors: Alexis Brouard, Jeff Christensen, Clinton Combs, Paul Craven, Jay Fortune, and the Washington Magic Troupe.