Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School

The Eugene Burger Legacy Fund

"You are the magician in your own life. You are the agent of transformation, your own transformation." — Eugene Burger

Master Magician Eugene Burger touched the lives of thousands of people  and his teachings have reached countless more. You can preserve Eugene's legacy while helping talented magicians learn the art and craft of magic at the School Eugene most loved.

The Estate of Eugene Burger  administered by Michael Burke and Robert Charles in Chicago, and following Eugene's wishes  has founded a special Eugene Burger Legacy Fund at the McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas.

Every dollar of your gift will help talented magicians carry forth Eugene's legacy by creating opportunities for them to study and learn with Eugene's friends and co-teachers:  Jeff McBride, Larry Hass, and the rest of teaching team at the Magc & Mystery School.

On behalf of the Estate of Eugene Burger and on behalf of the Faculty and Staff of the Magic & Mystery School, thank you for honoring Eugene in this way — and for making a big difference in the life of deserving magicians who will "grow in the art of magic" because of your generosity.

Michael Burke and Robert Charles
The Estate of Eugene Burger

Lawrence Hass, Ph.D.
Dean, McBride's Magic & Mystery School

Thank you!