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Jeff McBride
Jeff McBride

From Jeff McBride, President and Founder of the Magic & Mystery School

Greetings Magic Enthusiasts,

I have a profound passion for magic.  I have spent over 40 years performing magic and trying to be the best performer I could be.  I have met and worked with magical teachers along the way who have touched me, changed me, and improved my work in countless ways.  And I want to "pay it forward."

I teach magic for many reaons, but a main one is to make a postive, lasting impression on the world of magic.  I believe that the best way to do this is by helping magicians learn how to become better magicians and performers.  I know that good magic, excellent magic, only comes through hard work and dedicated learning, by setting goals and then achieving them.  I am committed to helping magicians get the education, experience, and expert advice they need to fulfill their potential.  I founded the Magic & Mystery School in 1991 to gather a team of master teachers to help me improve the art of magic "one magician at a time."

We have worked together as a Faculty to create a "mission statement" for our School.  It is what we believe in and try to achieve with every student and every class:

Mission Statement Of The McBride Magic & Mystery School

For over 20 years our mission at the McBride Magic & Mystery School has been to provide our students with the highest quality magic education in the world, and to create a safe space for their achievement, discovery, and serious play.  Our goal is to help every one of our students realize their own best potential, not only as magic artists and performers, but also as whole people.  To realize this purpose, the Magic & Mystery School offers live and online learning opportunities for all students of magic, regardless of age or skill level, that provide practical lessons and hands-on training in all areas of the art of magic.

This is what we believe in.  This is what we are all about.  We hope to see you at the Magic & Mystery School!

For an articulation of our approach to magic education, read "What is Education?" by our Associate Dean, Dr. Larry Hass.