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Private Sessions with Jeff McBride

Jeff Teaching One-on-One

New: McBride's Magical Masterpieces

Imagine yourself in an intimate and friendly environment, receiving hands-on assistance and guidance from one of the best teachers in the world of magic... Jeff McBride!

You can learn in person at the Magic & Mystery School, or have a
one on one session online via Zoom! Get a30 minute online lesson with Jeff McBride for as low as $100 when you sign up for Mentorship!

“The success of his renowned Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas reflects his deep understanding of the psychology, philosophy, and performance of magic. History may well show him to be the most influential magician of modern times.”

Private Personalized Sessions are now being scheduled!

Who are these sessions for?
  • anyone who loves magic!
  • students of all skill levels and ages
  • magic enthusiasts, amateurs and hobbyists
  • magic collectors and historians
  • writers, researchers, film makers
  • professional magicians
  • competition acts
  • someone looking for a unique magical experience

What happens at a private session?

The private sessions are fun and are a great investment in your magical future. They're also a wonderful gift for the magician in your life! During a session, Jeff will help you to take your magic to the next level of excellence by suggesting magic routines and effects that suit your style of presentation. Jeff will share his 50+ years of performing and touring experience with you, and teach you the inner secrets that are not found in books or other media. Jeff will also suggest reading materials, DVDs, and other learning materials that will help you grow in the art of magic.

Where do these sessions take place?

Either at: McBride's House of Mystery,
Las Vegas, NV
(ten minutes from the Las Vegas Strip)

Or, online via Zoom.
Contact for more information!

What is the cost for the in person sessions?

Tuition is $300.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum

The three-hour sessions are available for $900.00
Half day, five-hour sessions are available for $1,400.00
Full day, Seven-hour sessions are available for $2,000.00

What should I bring?

All you really need to bring is your passion for magic, an open mind, and, if you like, bring the magic props with which you want to work. Jeff has all the tables, sound equipment, and other props and magic supplies you will ever need at his studio!

What's my next step?

Send an email back to us ( and tell us what you would like to work on during your session. If you are exploring ideas, Jeff and the staff can help you to get focused on what to work on as well. Then, call Abigail at 702-450-0021 when you're ready to schedule your session. Abigail and our staff can help you reserve your spot and arrange the details to make it easy and fun for your visit.

A Message For You From Jeff:

"I have a passion for magic. I want to make a lasting impression on the world of magic by improving the quality of the art. The best way to do that is by improving the quality of the artists. I have been teaching magic for more than twenty years, because I want to learn and to spend time in the creative process with serious students and teachers of magic. Twenty years ago, I met Eugene Burger, who changed the direction of my work. I wanted to spend more time in Eugene's company and to do so required that I create new contexts in which to explore magic. Out of this exploration first grew Mystery School, and now our Master Classes and all our educational experiences."

If you are ready to take your magic to the next level of excellence, you're ready for McBride's Master Class.

Rob Rasner is now a Professional Magician, who writes:
Jeff and Eugene gave me the encouragement, knowledge, and the tools to turn pro. I am now a full time professional, making a very nice living, thanks to Master Class.

David Morey, the President of DMG, Inc, wrote to tell us:
Anyone who wants to upgrade their magic several levels should visit Vegas and the amazing McBride Magic and Mystery School.