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Performance - Entertainment - Philosophy: The P-E-P Talks of Magic

This page includes a small sample of our Magic & Mystery School P-E-P Talks, including Gordon Meyer’s talk titled "Priory Programming for Prestidigitators".

Our P-E-P Talks are patterned on the famous TED Talks. (P-E-P stands for "Performance—Entertainment—Philosophy.") These talks are the centerpiece of the Magic & Mystery School’s annual Magic and Meaning Conference in Las Vegas, which began in 2006.

Access to many more of our P-E-P Talks is available to people who become Members of the Magic & Mystery School at the Supporting and Premier Levels. The lion’s share of your membership fee goes directly into our Magic & Mystery School Scholarship Fund, every dollar of which provides need-based financial aid to talented magicians who need assistance getting the magic education they need for greater success in their art.

Please do become a Member of the School and join our efforts to provide a "hand up" to talented magicians who are facing difficult life circumstances. To become a Member, go here:

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