Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School
Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger are not only my friends, but also they truly are Master Teachers who have inspired me to achieve the very best in this industry. From my shy days in Mystery School to my more recent Master Classes they have educated and enriched my magic verve with supportive, professional, and sincere guidance, while monitoring the evolvement of my performance. Jeff's creativity, skills, and charismatic energy are just incredible, and Eugene's wisdom about the psychology and philosophy of magic is unsurpassed. Together they possess all the elements needed to create a new magician or bring the advanced student to the next level.

Other world-class performers frequently join Jeff and Eugene to teach at the Magic School where celebrity guests visit regularly. My recent class on illusions with The Pendragons and Jeff McBride was superb and extremely educational. All the classes are hands-on, leaving you with incredible knowledge, inspiration, and vast motivation. It's truly a privilege to study with these legends of magic. I highly recommend the classes to all serious students.

I know I can't wait until my next Master Class!