Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School
I was so inspired and motivated by my last visit to The Magic School with you and the Pendragons that I have been working every week since I have been home.

The talks and hands on demonstrations were great. I went to school not knowing what I wanted to do with my magic career and I left with a decision that illusions are something I want to pursue in the very near future. I said I would never perform the metamorphosis illusion because it would never look as good as the Pendragons, but with their instruction and talking about other creative possibilities with this illusion I think I have come up with a very original presentation of this classic illusion.

When people ask me what the best part of a McBride Magic School session is I always respond by saying it's the creative and inspirational energy. During this past session I left the school with a financial goal in mind with my magic. I want to make $X amount per week by performing magic alone. I have been making my goal or doubling it every week since I have been home. This is a HUGE breakthrough for me and I believe it is a direct result of The Magic School.