Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School
I attended Jeff and Eugene's Beyond Bizarre weekend in October, 2003.

It was a wild experience. I had always intended to catch a
Mystery School session, but somehow never quite found the time before they retired it. When the word circulated that they wanted to try a seminar aimed specifically at the Bizarre, I had to sign up quick... (in case they came to their senses!)

The portions of the event shared with the larger crowd were a great opportunity to play with (and learn from) people who live with ritual magic and ceremony, and to share in a some way in participating in a magical experience. As Jeff put it, its easier to present a magical experience if you have had one yourself.

Some of the session is a blur. My magic partner and I brought a work-in-progress to show that had us working late for days to get it to the point where it was worth showing to others. It was a rough presentation, but the reactions showed us that we are on the right track, and the feedback from everyone was extremely valuable.

I have respected Jeff and Eugene as performers for a long time. To that I add a healthy respect for both of them as teachers. They have not only put a great deal of thought into how to do magic, but manage to articulate the reasons why they do magic, especially Bizarre magic, clearly. More importantly, they advance the state of our art through teaching the way they think about their own work. At our session, the participants included both professionals and amateurs, and all had both something to contribute and lots to take away.

In short I would recommend any of their sessions to anyone interested in the art of magic, and especially recommend the Bizarre seminar to anyone interested in stretching beyond the ordinary.