Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School
Like many, I got started with magic at a young age. I invested a lot of study and performing time through high school and college, then slowly drifted away as my professional career took precedent. Years later I felt called back to it, but I wasn't sure that I would still find it rewarding. In fact, after trying to get involved in the local magic scene, I was surprised at how little had changed and saddened that there seemed to be few magicians interested in thoughtfully pushing the boundaries of traditional magic performance.

After getting the Mystery School book, much of which resonated with the approach I was seeking, I felt that I had unfortunately missed my chance to connect with like-minded folks. Then i heard about "Beyond Bizarre" and decided I would give myself one more chance to renew my relationship with magic. I'm so glad that I attended; the group size is excellent and allows for a lot of interaction between everyone, and Jeff and Eugene couldn't be more attentive and giving. And the energy and creativity that's sparked by the events that mix "conjuring" and "magick" practitioners is so unique and fun that the spirit infects every aspect of the weekend.

For me, Beyond Bizzare was not about learning the latest sleights and moves (though I did pick up some good ones), it was about connecting with a like-minded performers and sharing in a welcoming community. I left completely re-invigorated and re-committed to the craft. Which is exactly what I was seeking, but I suspect that you get more out of it, if you put more into it. It's not a highly structured "convention", the schedule is a little fluid and the logistics are ad hoc, but just roll with it. Bring the real you, and share yourself and your hopes for your magic, and you'll receive more than you can imagine in return. I know I did.