What People are Saying

"Move your magic to the next level!"

—Les Muldorf
Oral Surgeon
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"Valuable and useful in a clinical setting...."

—Paul Kapsar
Nurse from Las Vegas
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"There is no better way to improve your act and your magic."

—James Kelsey
Magician, age 22
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"Improve as a magician!"

—Caique Tostes
Full Time Magician!, age 23
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"I came to the workshop hoping to transform into a new kind of magician — a subtler magician who weaves wonder even in between the tricks, in all aspects of life. I am thankful to all of the participants for the boost. Standing upon their mighty shoulders, I can see a magical horizon. And the wonderful thing about a horizon is that, the faster you run toward it, the faster it runs along and widens with you."

—Craig Conley
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"I came home infused with a wisdom and a truth that is priceless and lasting."

—Kevin McPherson
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"Change your life."

—Dr. Michael Uphues
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"... the single most important ingredient "

—Michael Mirth
Magician, age 58
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"Best student-to-teacher ratio"

—Dave Johnson
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"For me, the class was not about learning the latest sleights and moves (though I did pick up some good ones), it was about connecting with a like-minded performers and sharing in a welcoming community. I left completely re-invigorated and re-committed to the craft."

—Gordon Meyer
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"From my shy days in Mystery School to my more recent Master Classes they have educated and enriched my magic verve with supportive, professional, and sincere guidance, while monitoring the evolvement of my performance."

—Pino Gareri
Magician from Hastings, NY
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"...the best thing I did for me!"

—Leslie Spinelli
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"The best education from the Masters of Magic."

—Joel Zaritsky
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"When people ask me what the best part of a McBride Magic School session is I always respond by saying it's the creative and inspirational energy. During this past session I left the school with a financial goal in mind with my magic. I want to make $X amount per week by performing magic alone. I have been making my goal or doubling it every week since I have been home. This is a HUGE breakthrough for me and I believe it is a direct result of The Magic School."

—John Fitzsimmons
Magician from Phoenix, AZ
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"...A safe, nurturing environment, rich with ideas...."

—Wayne Harrison
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"[Jeff and Eugene] advance the state of our art through teaching the way they think about their own work."

—Ross Berteig
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"...an investment that will yield 100 times what you borrowed."

—Michael Spinelli
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"As a participant, you have the opportunity to perform and get feedback from all of the attendees in a loving and caring way that doesn't typically happen in the magic community."

—Fredrick Turner
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"Truly transformational...."

—Dana Douglas
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"Who is this class for? The class really is for anyone with an interest in people and psychology."

—Steve Hobley
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"Jeff McBride emphasizes the importance of the students feeling well, that we trust each other and enjoy each other's company. The camaraderie is good. There is no competition among us. We do things together, laugh, hang out, dine together and perform magic. In this way pleasure and business are joined."

—Kristine Hjulstad
Magician from Norway
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"Not only did I get the advice I was looking for, the inspiration from Jeff and Eugene will last a lifetime. "

—Dan Rodriguez
S.A.M Past National President
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"Because Jeff cultivated an environment of camaraderie, companionship, and support at his home, many students strongly connected with other members of the class. The most magical part of the weekend was the growth of this connection. It wouldn't have developed if an authoritarian pedagogue stood before us lecturing dogmatically about doing better magic. It happened because we all interacted as equals, and ended up leaving as friends."

"I had always found myself attracted to the "gravitas" of bizarre magic, but as I had seen it practiced and from everything that I had read about it, there was an unfortunate "Count Floyd" self-parodying quality that seemed inescapable. The sessions with Jeff and Eugene at this event forever freed me from the shackles of the past expressions of this art."

—Robert Parker
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"It was beyond belief."

—Michael Larsen

"Want to become a great magician? Go to Master Class!!"

—Steve Radley
from Lansdale, PA, age 52

"This is not a class, this is a life-changing, almost private(!) transfusion of high quality magic into your body that is going to grow through time in your mind."

—Johannes "Butz" Alinhac
from Vitry-sur-seine, France, age 26

"Master Class is certainly the best training program of its kind, and is an amazing experience. Jeff, Abigail, Eugene, Tobias and Larry are all wonderful people to be around and create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere."

—Allen Lighthiser
from Salem, MA, age 31

"The best magic learning experience of my life."

—Miles Campo
from Manalapan, NJ, age 18

"The Mystery School's Master Class is the best magic school in the world, bar none!"

—Rob Solomon
from Belmont, CA, age 41

"The Magic & Mystery School's Master Class had the fine grit polish to bring out that unique shine in my magic!"

—Owen "Obtuse" Oldaker
from Kokomo, IN, age 39

"One of the single best things I've done to improve the quality of the magic I do now and the magic I'll do in the future."

—Daniel Hurtt
from Los Alamitos, CA, age 20

"Way exceeded my very high expectations! My only regret is that I didn't attend this class years ago!"

—Nelson Franse
from Albuquerque, NM, age 54

"My whole inner being has been changed for the better. My confidence, performance, patter and presentation have all improved 100%!"

—Maggie Rochin
from Los Angeles, CA

"The Master Class is a must-do for magicians."

—Ron St. Pierre
from Rhode Island

"The class put the wind in my sails and has given me a head and a notebook full of golden things to explore and study!"

—Christopher Howell
from London, England

"Master Class is a great opportunity to receive individual instruction on a personal level that cannot be found at any other convention or magic event."

—John Mott
from Venice, Florida

"The Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge University of magic & mystery."

—David Morey
from Washington, DC

"Master Class is the best forum for exploring yourself as a performer and testing your untested material in a safe, creative environment."

—Levi Attias
from Gibraltar

"Master Class is a must for all with a genuine interest in the art, pro's and hobbyists alike!"

—Simone Marron

"The world's most prestigious magic school."


"A master class is like Russian Dolls: everytime we think we have learnt THE lesson that will change our magic (and it happened so many times during the week), we find out there is something more to learn... We should never forget that we are student forever and that there is always things to learn from each of us!"

—Augustin Petit
from France, age 19

"Wow! What can I say about the 7-day master class at the Magic & Mystery School?... From Jeff's seemingly limitless knowledge of magic (including his amazing, and amazingly entertaining ability to find everything he needs to perform the tricks he's asked about, recount their history, then perform them!), his perceptive advice and his boundless energy and enthusiasm to Eugene's wonderful magic and words of wisdom to Abbi's and the rest of the faculty's knowledge of magic and the business of magic, its difficult to find the words to describe what a wonderful time I had... What I'm certain of is that I'll be back and that if you've never been, you'll have an absolutely unforgettable experience!"

—Davide Bruzzone
Programmer from New York, age 37

"The most welcoming atmosphere of achievement I have ever experienced. It was a dream!"

—Keith First

"Working with Jeff and Eugene was equivalent of getting golf lessons from Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer!"

—Eric Evans

"If you want to be more than a cookie-cutter magician, this is the place to be!"

—Victoria Skye
Family entertainment specialist from Atlanta, GA, age 47

"McBride's Master Class has been the the single most useful and rewarding week of my life."

—Michael Stewart
Magic Enthusiast from Lander, WY, age 17

"He doesn't just help you with a trick, he helps you in every aspect of theater and performing arts. When all that is put together it's more than just a magic act. It's a huge magical theater production!"

—Jonathan Havir
Magician from Big Sandy, TX, age 17

"Master Class was the best magical experience I have ever had. My magic is now more unique to me, and I have a much deeper understanding of the whole "magical experience" that the magician and the audience go through at a show."

—Mark Cooper
Magician, Student from Chicago, IL, age 15

"Master Class was great! It was truly a magical experience, worth the money and more!"

—Lisa Schneider

"Jeff, This Class Was Wonderful! There are no words I can use to explain how great of an experience it was to work with you to better my magic. For the first time I felt connected to the 'magic world' in the business, entertainment, and the everyday atmosphere. Thank you."

—Tomas Fernlund

"Just an incredible experience. I'll be back!"

—Rick Silver
Web Developer from Atlanta Georgia, age 35

"Jeff McBride's Master Class was the greatest life changing experience I have ever had in the realm of magic. "

—Jeff Annis
Operations Manager from Bakersfield, CA, age 38

"I applied your advice to my act and it has really made a difference. Not only did I take the 2003 Lance Burton Award, but I also received the 2003 IBM Stage Champion Award. Now instead of competing at conventions I am appearing!"

—Matthew David Stanley

"After one day with Jeff and Eugene you will learn true magic. I have already applied many of the ideas and principles I have learned to my magic and can already see the difference."

—Alex Gonzalez
from Northern California

"Fantastic results! Thanks to your help at Master Class, I've had a great first week of performances at the Magic Castle, and have been immediately re-booked for 2 weeks! Also, thanks to your special class on "Packing for Performance", my travel case only weighs 48kg! Master Class has produced results that have exceeded my dreams! I learn something new every time I attend your classes. So far I've done 5 Master Classes, it seems to be working miracles, so I'll be back again soon!"

—Romany, Diva of Magic
Magic Circle Magician of the Year

"The Pendragons' and Jeff's class in small and portable illusions was as mind-blowing and constructive an experience as everything this one-of-a-kind magic school does. It's world class. Anyone who wants to upgrade their magic several levels should visit Vegas and the amazing McBride's Magic & Mystery School."

—David Morey
President, DMG, Inc.

"The level of creativity in the Master Class was boundless and the energy addictive. Not only did it dramatically improve my magic but it inspired and revitalised my enthusiasm for our ART. Anybody who is serious about performing magic should find a way to be part of this. "

—Neill Drennan
Professional Magician from Macclesfield , England, age 42

"Jeff McBride's workshop was an energetic session that forced me to think more deeply about my magic, and my role as a magician. During the question and answer session, Jeff answered direct questions of every magician present, and helped people on a one-to-one basis. In my own case, Jeff offered advice that I couldn't obtain anywhere, or from anyone else. I've already implemented his suggestions in my new show, and the results speak for themselves. Jeff's wit, wisdom, intensity, and genuine caring as a teacher all shine during his workshop. He understands what magicians need to know in order to grow. After five hours (which absolutely flew by!), he does not create McBride clones. Instead, he inspires everyone present to become the best magicians they can be."

—Steve Cohen
The Millionaires' Magician

"McBride's Master Class alters your perception of not just magic, but life itself."

—Jonathan Rice
from Bethesda, MD, age 14

"Sell your grandmother if you have to (she'll understand) You MUST attend if you're serious about magic."

—Brandon Selley
Magician from Derbyshire, United Kingdom, age 29

"Thanks to McBride's Master Class, I have recently been able to replace my corporate income with a full time career as a magician. Even though I still have much to learn, you have given me the confidence and knowledge to take this direction in my life. After a 20-year hiatus, I am back working cruise ships again. In late September, I will be back in Vegas with several trade shows and hospitality suites already booked. Thank you for all of efforts and commitment. I hope to attend another class this winter."

—Lee Dillingham
from Henderson, Nevada

"Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger were masters at making my presentation magical and meaningful. The personal growth I experienced in their Master Classes was a gift -- one that changed my thinking and effectiveness forever."

—Charles A. Liechti, PhD.

"If you are serious about learning the art of magic Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School is the place to go!"

—Criss Angel

"The master class was inspiring, reassuring and a kick in my magic epistemological pants. The feedback that I (and the others) received was so full of true caring like I have not experienced before. You all wanted me (us) to succeed in our magic. It felt that it was all done from the heart."

—Fred Turner

"Master Class is a safe place for magicians, whether old, young, experienced or just starting out, to bring their creative talents and have them focused, and polished in a very personal and profound way. Jeff, Eugene and Tobias have brought together the wisdom, the experience and creative knowledge not available anywhere else... The transformation that happens, occurs not only in the magic routine, but in the person."

—Gerry Morrison
Physician from Kernersville, NC, age 41

"It was more a community than a class... The Master Class has lasting impact. I was changed... They took routines that were frankly very poor and not very entertaining and polished them like diamonds and silver - they did it with a love of the art."

—Fred Holland
Science Teacher from Dallas, TX, age 47

"Your eyes will see new and exciting things; you will discover the TRUE SECRET of MAGIC. The wisdom [Master Class has] given and instilled in me I will carry with me always; thank you for helping me find who I am."

—Javier Garza
Maitre'd from Austin, TX, age 29

"As a professional magician who has been studying the "art" of magic for 21 years, I can only say this: I learned more in those three days, than I have in the last 10 years! The total experience of the class was something that only sunk in after the class was over. The trio (Eugene, Jeff, and Tobias) offered me sincere wisdom and friendship, and I look forward to attending again soon."

—John Warrens
Magician from Vancouver, Canada, age 27

"All of your help with tension and release (not to mention your marketing hints) have helped me to excel in the art of magic"

—Mike Grundhauser
Magician from Eagan, MN, age 19

"To use a Star Wars analogy, it was like going to see two Jedi Masters. When I went, I had an idea of what I was EXPECTING to learn. When I left, I had not only what I expected to learn, but also what I NEEDED to learn."

—Brad Roach
Micro Computer Tech from Los Alamos, NM, age 36

"Eugene and Jeff are the world's best magic teachers. Their heads and hearts at the right magic place. Their vision clear and accesible for whoever wants to listen. Their observations sharp. Their feedback clear and ready for use. The questions challenging. The atmosphere intimate, personal and passionate."

—George Parker
Magician from Almere, Netherlands, age 40

"Expect a miracle! This class far exceeds any verbiage about it! This is the tap-root of magic. Jeff shape-shifts, enters the persona of the performer and alchemizes their act into a stunning diamond that's a winner!"

—Paulette Frankl

"Master Classes are real magic. It has been a mind opener for me, and there was no trick behind it. Thanks- or better yet, merci beaucoup."

—Francois Bertrand

"Jeff, Master Class, for me, while teaching practical, commercial magic goes far deeper. Your work opens the door to the joyous creation of entire performance pieces perfectly tailor-made to allow me to be the very best magician I was born to be, Thank You!"

—Dr. Maharani Parivarta

"Jeff, I came out here to polish my act's character and blocking. As soon as I finished, you were right there, bestowing upon me the gold to turn my magic into heart and soul, effectively communicating my thoughts to my audience. This experience is the new direction in magical instruction. It was wonderful!! Master Class surpassed ALL of my expectations!"

—Phillip Kaiser

"Without a doubt the most inspiring event in my magical "carreer". It tapped just the right things to keep believing in what I do is right! I repeat what I said two years ago: My wife does not like magic but damn, I wish she could have experienced this."

—Dan LeFay
Close-up Illusionist from Netherlands, age 35

"Master Class was much more than I expected. Jeff and Eugene are exceptional instructors. They have a great insight into what makes a 'Magical' performance."

—Joe Bennett
Web Page Developer from Paw Paw, MI, age 32

"Jeff and Eugene are masters at teaching real-time magic. You can use their immediate feedback and combined wisdom to turn your raw magic routine into a polished gem of magic. I felt like I spent 3 days with Howard Thurston and Dai Vernon personally helping me improve my magic performance, stagecraft and art. Tobias provided invaluable marketing and promotional information for the professional magician."

—Dell Wolfensparger
from Aliso Viejo, CA

"Master Class was one of the best experiences I have ever had! I wouldn't wait two seconds to book another one next Summer -- it was truly unbelievable. I loved it! In those three days, I learned more than I would in years -- if that! It was an amazing experience. Just when I thought it couldn't be better, Teller, Johnny Thompson, and Lance Burton walk in. It was a room full of my idols."

—Jonathan Bayme
from Charleston, SC, age 14

"Master Class is without a doubt the best experience you can ever have. I am looking forward to going again!!! Now I can actually say I HAVE SOMETHING THAT'S MY OWN WORK!!!! "

—Peter Waluk
student from New Britain, CT, age 16

"I left the course feeling very inspired and almost immediately invented an effect that I am very excited about and believe could well become my signature piece of the future."

—Laurence Jones
Magic Dealer from St. Albans, UK, age 34

"After reviewing my notes from the recent Master Class, I find it hard to believe all the excellent information presented in just three days. I don't think there was one segment of the weekend that didn't provide ideas, thoughts and inspiration aimed at making all of us in attendance better magicians. I learned more in those few days about how magic should be performed than I have in the past several years. Going into the class, I knew that my skill level was not where it needs to be. But I felt I needed to participate in the class if I wanted any feedback aimed directly at my needs. I had to give you a starting point. As it turned out, my performance was far below what I had planned on presenting and I'm sure your first reaction was to tell me to find another art form. But instead, you offered solid ideas on improving my magic and gave me encouragement to keep working. The fact that your group would take the time and share knowledge gained though years of hard work shows you genuinely care about helping others to improve. I was reminded of a line Eugene wrote in one of his books, "All done with kindness". After I put in the practice time and incorporate what I learned at Master Class, I can't help but become a better magician."

—Tom LaChance
Computer Programmer from El Cajon, CA, age 50

"I arrived at Master Class hoping to become a better Magician; I left the class wanting to become a better human being as well. "

—Billy Rovzar
Film Producer from Mexico City, Mexico, age 25

"Jeff and Eugene's course was extremely enlightening. I was in awe about how much input each of them had on each subject that was brought up. I loved it."

—Nathan Gibson

"Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Tobias Beckwith and Lance Burton were truly amazing! They each opened up their heart and mind to provide us (the students) with magical wisdom and inspiration. The knowledge I brought home from Las Vegas was a once in a lifetime opportunity...not to mention priceless! I strongly encourage any magic enthusiast, amateur, semiprofessional, or professional magician to attend. How many magicians can say they learned hands-on from some of Las Vegas' greatest magicians. And how many great magicians, like Jeff McBride, would provide an experience such as the Master Class...none at all. Thank you to Jeff, Eugene, Tobias and Lance...I'll see you at the next class!"

—Christopher Zubrick